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Georaphy, climate and clothing of Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh City, the center city of Vietnam, is located in the southern part of the narrow country.
Ho Chi Minh City is located in the southeastern part of Vietnam at 10゚45' north latitude and 106゚40' east longitude, 1,760 km south of Hanoi. The area of Ho Chi Minh City is 2,095km², which is almost the same as the area of Tokyo in Japan (2,188km²).
Because it belongs to a tropical monsoon climate, it is as hot as all year round. The season is largely divided into rainy and dry seasons.


Ho Chi Minh City has a tropical climate with an average humidity of 75%. The year is divided into two seasons, the rainy season from May to late November and the dry season from December to April.

The average temperature is around 28 degrees, the highest temperature can reach 39 degrees at noon in late April, and the lowest temperature can be below 16 degrees in the early morning in late December.

Ho Chi Minh's geography, climate and clothing

December to April: dry season

There is almost no rain.
It is relatively easy to spend due to the low humidity of hot things.
In January and February, there are days when the temperature in the morning and evening falls below 20 degrees, so you need to prepare a jacket.


Ho Chi Minh CityMay to November: rainy season

Heavy rain falls almost every day, but it rarely lasts for a long time and stops in a relatively short time.
It feels hot and humid because of the increased humidity.


You can wear Japanese summer clothes all year round.
However, it may get cold in the morning and evening, and depending on the store, the air conditioner may be too effective, so you should prepare a simple jacket.