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Immigration to Vietnam

Immigration and visa

Entry to Vietnam and visa

[Visa] Visa is not required for Japanese citizens who have a passport with a remaining validity of 6 months or more at the time of entry and a departure flight ticket for stays within 15 days

However, if you enter Vietnam more than twice within 30 days, you need to be careful as you need a visa for the second and subsequent entry. A visa is also required if you are staying for more than 16 days or you do not have a departure ticket (such as planning to leave on land).

Visas can be obtained from the Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam or a consulate.

[Passport] When you obtain a visa (when you do not have a visa, you must enter the country), you need a remaining validity of 6 months or more.


Immigration procedures

Show your passport and your return ticket to the immigration staff.
If you need a visa, there is a counter next to the immigration counter so you can apply there.

Luggage receipt
If you leave your luggage, you will receive it at the turntable in the luggage claim area.

Customs inspection
Present your passport.


[Tax-free range when entering Vietnam]
Tobacco: 400 cigarettes, 100 cigars, 500g cigarettes
Liquor: 2L of alcohol below 22 degrees, 1.5L of alcohol above 22 degrees

[Bringing electronic cigarettes]
As of December 2018, there is no provision for bringing in electronic cigarettes.

Money exchange
There is a currency exchange in the passage from the customs inspection to the outside.
Since the rate is often bad, let's keep the exchange here for a small amount.

From the airport to the city

Immigration procedures in Vietnam

If there is a travel agency pick-up, the local staff will be waiting for you with a paper with your name on it.
If not, the taxi or bus will be the way to get from the airport to the city.
Since the bus only speaks Vietnamese, it is not recommended because you cannot tell where to get off.

Taxis are recommended to take a major VINASUN taxi or MAILINE taxi.
There are these two taxi stands at the very end of the airport, which goes straight to the left. Let's get on from there.
When you leave the arrival lobby at the airport, there are people who speak in English or broken Japanese and want to take their taxi, but please do not follow such people.

If you go to the hotel, you can tell the driver the hotel address.
Taxi meters should have three 0s behind VINASUN and two behind MAILINE.
(There will be a fee of 10,000 dong when leaving the airport, so when you get off the meter will be +10,000 dong.)