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Rainy Ho Chi Minh

Rainy Ho Chi Minh

Even though you traveled to Vietnam, it rains. but it's okay! I will Introduce spots where you can have fun even in the rain!

The best season for travel in Ho Chi Minh City is from November to March.April and May, the hottest season, the rainy season begins.

Here are some recommended spots in Ho Chi Minh City where you n this season when there is a daily squall, Vietnamese people who are always on the motor cycle will run the raincoat quickly, but where should the tourist go in the rain?! I'm worried.

Here are some recommended spots in Ho Chi Minh City where you can have fun even in the rain.


Relax in the cafe

Ho Chi Minh City Cafe

Cafe everywhere in the city, and when it rains, everyone breaks all at once so it gets crowded all at once.

There are a lot of fashionable cafes in the city, even if you are not comfortable spending time at street cafes. It's also fun to scramble your favorite shop, from a high café for tourists to a relaxing café where local couples have tea.

There are many cafes with free Wi-Fi, so it's perfect for finding a place you want to go to after the rain has stopped, or just taking a break until the squall passes. Because the cooling is effective, the comfort is very good though it is cheap.


Fashionable cafe

Lots of fashionable cafes

Street cafe

While looking outside with open air

Local cafes

Local cafes are cheap and delicious!


Thoroughly explore the market

Ho Chi Minh City Ben Thanh MarketIn Ho Chi Minh City, in addition to the famous Ben Thanh Market, there are several large markets such as Binh Tay Market and An Dong Market in District 5 Chinatown.
Each market has a wide variety of cheap and cute goods and household items that you can use regularly. No worries about rain once you enter the market. It is also interesting to go around each market slowly.
The price of the same item will vary depending on the location, so we recommend that you take time to examine it.

An Dong Market is cheaper than Ben Thanh Market in District 1 of the downtown area.
Since Binh Tay Market is a wholesale district, it is sometimes said that it is not possible to purchase a single item, but there are a lot of cute Vietnamese goods, and even if you buy them in bulk, the price is cheap.

Huge shopping mall

Huge shopping mall

There are huge complex facilities in the city such as Vincom Center in District 1 opened in 2010 and Crescent Mall in District 7 opened at the end of 2011.
In the future, there will be large shopping spots such as Times Square, which is being renovated in the 1st district, and Sunrise City in the 7th district.

Shopping malls with movie theaters, food courts, game centers, fashion stores, and household goods departments have nothing to do with rain! In addition, Lotte Mart (7th district), a supermarket, has everything on the first floor with food, the second floor with electronics stores, bookstores, clothes shops, the third floor with food courts, game centers, bowling alleys, and cinemas. It is a place for people to relax. There are plenty of food departments, so it's recommended to buy souvenirs for many people.

food court

Vincom Center, District 1

Vincom Center

Vincom Center is like Roppongi Hills

Crescent Mall, District 7

Crescent Mall, District 7

Unreleased movies in Japan

Unreleased movies in Japan

game center

Adults also enjoy at the game center

Food Court

Food Court


A relaxing and gorgeous moment ...

Esthetics and nail salons

I came to a cheap country and I want to enjoy it gorgeously! If you think so, it is good to enjoy time at beauty treatment salons, nail salons, and hotels.

The luxury hotel has a swimming pool, where you can enjoy reading with cocktails while watching the rain. Many of the five-star hotels in the city also serve buffets.
You will forget the passage of time if you talk while eating delicious food at a cheap price that you can't imagine in Japan.

In Ho Chi Minh, there are a lot of beauty salons, SPA, and Esthetic salon and there are many salon where you can speak Japanese.
Beauty salons using brands made in Japan and France are also popular among Madame residents in Ho Chi Minh. It is better to make a reservation.

In addition, you can challenge massage and nail salon with cheap price.
There are many salons that are okay without reservations, so it is a good idea to list the salons you are interested in and take a taxi if it rains.

hotel buffet!

All-you-can-eat seafood at the hotel buffet!


Of course you can also choose sweets.

Esthetics for Japanese

There are many SPAs where you can speak Japanese


Enjoy international cuisine!

Vietnamese food

Vietnamese food is a must when you come to Vietnam! However, in the big city of Ho Chi Minh, there are many tourists and foreigners from all over the world, and you can enjoy delicious world cuisine at the price of Vietnam.

Yakiniku, roast meat, is recommended! There are many Koreans living in Ho Chi Minh, and there are many authentic Korean yakiniku restaurants in the city. There are a wide variety of small dishes that come with the service, such as Kimchi (Korean pickles), Topokki (Stir-Fried Rice Cakesd), and Buchimgae(Korean pancake).

In addition, Indian, Mediterranean, French, Italian and Russian gourmet tours are fun.
The interior of each store is also special, so you can experience the mysterious feeling of traveling to another foreign country.


YAKINIKU(eoast meat)

YAKINIKU(eoast meat)

Indian curry

Indian curry is also authentic, about 400 yen ~.


Each restaurant is clean and secure.


Unbeaten by rain

rainy seasonLet's enjoy walking around the city without worrying about rain! During the rainy season, it rains and stops immediately, so it's about 1 hour at most.

That is 1-2 times a day. Having said that, Ho Chi Minh's squall is a fierce thing that strikes the shoulder even for a few minutes, and it quickly gets wet.

There are many nice shops in downtown areas such as Dong Khoi Street and Pasta Street, so you can choose souvenirs while moving around.

You can order custom-made clothes, have trouble choosing souvenirs, and the rain will go up quickly as you move around. After the rain, the wet green is beautiful and the air feels a little clear.


How was it? Even though it is the rainy season, it is different from the rainy season in Japan where it rains all day long, so the local people feel that they should take a break when it begins to rain.
People who are moving on a motorcycle will continue to move in the raincoat. It is natural that it rains.
Do you need an umbrella because it is rainy? What should I do if it rains? Don't worry, please enjoy your trip with the feeling that it's natural to rain. By the way, you can get a disposable raincoat for about 40 yen! That's all for Ho Chi Minh Town information.