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Family Trip in Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh Family TripPeople in Vietnam are friendly to kids, and the food is not spicy and often has a gentle taste.

It can be said that it is a country suitable for traveling with children, but it is also true that there are many worries when traveling.
Recently, mother and daughter trips are also popular.

What are the points to enjoy traveling with children in Ho Chi Minh City?

■ Child-centered scheduling
Try to have a relaxed schedule so that you kids don't get tired. If you want to go sightseeing, it's recommended to stay in the morning or evening, which is relatively comfortable.

■ Hotel selection
Check for facilities such as pools and kids rooms, baby cots and water heaters.

■ Collect information
Check in advance where you can change diapers, where to breastfeed, and where the hospital can communicate in Japanese (or English).

Traveling with children in Ho Chi Minh

From the airport to the hotel, there are buses, taxis, and tour cars.

Especially recommended is a tour-only car. If you arrange it with a Japanese travel agency, the local staff will greet you and send you safely to the hotel.

By the way, the lowest price is a bus, but only Vietnamese is spoken, and if you don't have a sense of geography, you don't know where it is closest to the hotel.

SightseeingThere are many people around the airport arrival lobby who request a high price after a proper sightseeing, posing as a local tour guide.

These people approach in half-word Japanese, such as “half-day sightseeing,” but you must ignore them all.

Complete troubleshooting

Vietnam in Southeast Asia

This is Vietnam in Southeast Asia, not Japan.
Vietnam is a safe country in the world, but damage such as snatching is frequent.

Shoulder bags and tote bags are particularly targeted.
It is also dangerous to put out iPhones and smartphones on the roadside.

Even in Japan, let's stop to secure a place by placing a bag in a restaurant seat.
If you have trouble, please go to the Consulate General of Japan.

Taxi is the only means of transportation in the city

Sightseeing spots

The only way to travel around the tourist spots is by taxi. There is no train running in the city in Vietnam.
Buses have language barriers and motorbike taxis are constantly in trouble.

There are many taxis running in the city, so if you are in a tourist area, you should have no trouble catching a taxi.
However, when you take a taxi, make sure that the meter is moving.

Recommended spots for traveling with older parents - Ho Chi Minh

Ben Thanh Market

First up is Southern Ho Chi Minh.

Ho Chi Minh has no World Heritage Sites, so tourist spots are mainly temples and museums.
Other than that, a mother-daughter trip with the theme of ""healing"" is recommended.

History of Vietnam "Vietnam War"

<History and culture>
Speaking of Vietnamese history, the first thing that comes to mind is the Vietnam War.

Most of the museums are also about the Vietnam War and the revolutionary Ho Chi Minh.
The end of the Vietnam War was 1975, and at that time it was broadcast extensively in the world, so there are some scenes that are nostalgic for parents.

Unification Hall. Former presidential palace.

The Independence Palace : It is the place where the Vietnam War ended and the former presidential palace.

Virgin Mary Church

Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral : Representative of French architecture.

War Remnants Museum

War Remnants Museum : Journalists photographed the situation during the Vietnam War.

Temple in Ho Chi Minh City

<Temple visit>
Vietnam is a great Buddhist country. There are many temples in Ho Chi Minh City, but most of them are Cho Lon (Chinatown) in 5th and 6th districts.
There are a lot of Chinese people, so there are many temples and meeting places.

However, Cho Lon is not so safe because of the wide gap between rich and poor.
Also, since there are few cafés that are air-conditioned, there are also difficulties when taking breaks.
If your parents are older, it is recommended that you go early in the morning and return to the city center before noon.

On Lang Pagoda

On Lang Pagoda : It is an architectural style like China

Emperor Jade Pagoda

Emperor Jade Pagoda : A little north from the city center.

Ong Bon Pagoda

Ong Bon Pagoda : Son Goku and other usual faces ...

Film location

<Take a movie location>

We have also gained support for film locations in Vietnam such as ”Indochine” and "L' Amant". Some parents may know them.

Both are located in the center of Ho Chi Minh City and Cholon, so you can visit the site in half a day.

Continental hotel cafe

Continental hotel cafe used in ”Indochine”.

Movie Raman

In "L' Amant", this corner of the market is a secret meeting place

Raman hero

Also "L' Amant". The girls' high school where the heroine went. Currently, it is a co-educationl high school where elite goes.


<Beauty salon>

If you are traveling with your mother and daughter, you should definitely enjoy Vietnamese aesthetics.
It is too expensive to go in Japan, but it is very reasonable in Vietnam.

However, if it is a cheap salon, you will not be satisfied with the service, such as requiring expensive chips or cheap technology. Therefore, Ho Chi Minh Town Information introduces beauty salons that can be recommended with confidence.

Lotus Spa

White lotus spa. It looks like a fairy tale

Luxury spa

Lapoty care. Luxury spa with pool

Grand spa

Grand spa. A Japanese-style public bath and spa.

Vietnam suit

<Made to order>

Made to order is also popular in Vietnam. Clothes, jackets, coats, and Vietnamese costume Ao Dai are also available.
You can decide everything from fabric to dimensions and embroidery.

How about making a new suit for your father? Custom-made suits made of high quality fabrics can be used for a long time.

Japanese-speaking staff

There are also many shops with Japanese-speaking staff.

Original design

Clothes can be designed original.


The craftsman will finish it carefully.

Vietnamese restaurant


Enjoying “food” is essential for traveling abroad.
If you are traveling as a parent and child, you want to eat a little expensive and delicious food.

Vietnam also has several French restaurants from the remnants of French rule. Why don't you like to enjoy a more luxurious meal than usual only when traveling?

Temple club

Temple Club

Hollywood actors Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie came to the restaurant. It is about 10 minutes on foot from Dong Khoi Street in District 1.

You can enjoy Vietnamese cuisine and creative Chinese cuisine, and everyone can enjoy the taste.
Also, the old-fashioned atmosphere is impressive and there is a sofa seat in the back. Why don't you enjoy long stories with family?

Vietnamese French Restaurant

There are also many French restaurants open by Vietnamese French

Hue cuisine

Hue cuisine is also popular with locals. You can enjoy an unusual taste with classic Vietnamese cuisine.

Ho Chi Minh Restaurant

The common food is also excellent in the restaurant.

Recommended spots for traveling with older parents - Suburb

Recommended Vietnam sightseeing spots

Mekong Delta, Tay Ninh Province, Vung Tau

● Use the tour in the suburbs

The suburbs of Ho Chi Minh City have tourist areas such as Mekong Delta, Tay Ninh Province and Vung Tau.

However, if you go on your own, the only means of transportation is by bus, so if you don't understand Vietnamese, the hurdles are high.
If you have an older parent, you can use the tour because you want to go safely and comfortably.

Mekong Delta Jungle Cruise

Jungle Cruise is a popular spot for Mekong Delta Tour.

Learn about the Vietnam War in Cu Chi Tunnel.

Learn about the Vietnam War in Cu Chi Tunnel.

Mekong night view of fireflies

The majestic Mekong River. Fireflies are popular at night.

Mekong Tour

Vinh Trang Pagoda that comes with Mekong Tour.

Round tunnel fire

You can also shoot with live ammunition in Cu Chi Tunnel.

Cao Dai Temple

Cao Dai Temple : Located in Tai Ninh Province.

Tour bus from Ho Chi Minh

You can listen to female choirs at the time of worship.

Vung Tau

Vung Tau is beach area 2 hours by tour bus from Ho Chi Minh.

Vung Tau port town

Vung Tau is famous as a port town.

Dalat in the plateau

6 hours by tour bus, Da Lat in the plateau.

French summer resort

The beginning of history was developed by the French as a summer resort.

Mui Ne where you can enjoy the dunes

Mui Ne where you can enjoy the dunes.

Glide through the dunes with a sled

You can slide the dunes with a sled.

Recommended spots for traveling with older parents - World Heritage

Recommended spots, world heritage

Hoi An

● Hoi An

A world heritage town, Hoi An, there were once trading boats on the Thu Bon River. Many Japanese came in the Edo period. The bridge drawn on the 20,000 Dong bill is "Japanese Covered Bridge".
A symbolic presence in the heart of Hoi An. Take a stroll through a good old town, a World Heritage Site, and spend your time forgetting time. It is a perfect area to heal a tired body from work or housework.

Hoi An Cuisine

Hoi An cuisine can only be eaten in Hoi An.

Vietnamese traditional crafts

You can also visit traditional crafts.


The town is fantastic at night with lantern lights.


● Hue

Buildings made during the prosperity of the Nguyen Dynasty, including the Royal Palace, are designated as World Heritage Sites. The building is a Chinese architecture or a French architecture, showing the changing times.

Hue cuisine is a popular dish that sets it apart from pho and fresh spring rolls. Please check the authentic taste.

Royal Palace

Lazy time is flowing.

Nguyen Dynasty

Made to imitate Chinese Terracotta Warriors.

French style.

French style.

Myson Ruins

●My Son Sanctuary

This is also a World Heritage site. Bus tours run from Hoi An or Da Nang. My Son Sanctuary is known as the sanctuary of the once glorious Champa Kingdom.

Contrary to Vietnam, a Buddhist country, Champa was a Hindu Shiva faith.
There are also familiar statues such as Shiva, Parvati, Ganesha and Garuda, but many were destroyed during the Vietnam War. Restoration and excavation work are ongoing.

Champa Kingdom Sanctuary

It's still in an undeveloped area.

Vietnam War

Champa sanctuary. Formerly in Hue, but moved south.

Buddhist country Vietnam

I'm sorry it's damaged.

Ho Chi Minh Town Information


How was it?
As I explained at the beginning, “safety” is the motto when going with parents and children. The way of enjoying will vary depending on the area, so let's know the city information in advance.

I think that you can find a different way of enjoying it when traveling with friends and lovers.
That's all for Ho Chi Minh Town information!