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If you remember this, you won't be in trouble shopping! Shopping in Vietnam!

Vietnamese shopping

When I think of Vietnum, I imagine knick-knack! When it comes to knick-knack, I imagine shopping! You think so too? There are many miscellaneous goods shops and souvenir shops in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.
However, if you shop for the same feeling as in Japan, you may get ripped off. Staff often get angry when you try to discount at a store that can't negotiate.
This time, I would like to introduce 10 things you should know to have fun shopping! Please take a look to make your trip to Vietnam a success!!

Knowledge 1 Always negotiate discounts in the market

Negotiate price cuts in the market

When it comes to Vietnum, I imagine Market! There may be many tourists aiming at buying miscellaneous goods at the market.
It is important to remember that the market has no concept of list price. Even if there is a price tag, don't trust it.
Make sure to negotiate for discounts when shopping. The price varies depending on the product, but I think you should start from about one-third to one-fifth.

Speaking of Vietnam to shop

Knowledge 2 Discount in the shop is subtle

In general store and souvenir shop, you cannot always discounnt like the market. Rather, I feel that there are many places that can not discount.
The shop is mainly privately run, and the staff is part-time workers, so there is no discount authority.
Some shops have a fixed price system in order to pay off the image of “Vietnam = rip-off”. Negotiate once or twice and give up cleanly. However, if you purchase more than one, you are more likely to get a discount.

 Vietnam = rip-off shop Souvenir shop

Knowledge 3 If you want quality, go to the shopping center

Shopping center

Stylish interior

Stylish interior

High quality products

High quality products

Aroma specialty store

Aroma specialty store

Southeast Asian fragrance

You can enjoy the scent of Southeast Asia at home

Foreign-affiliated shop

There are also many foreign-affiliated shops


Many women come to look for accessories.

Knowledge 4 Let's walk around Dong Khoi and Pasteur street

There are three fashionable streets in the center of Ho Chi Minh City. One is “Dong Khoi Street” and the second is “Mac Thi Buoi Street”.
And the third is “Pasteur Street”. There are a number of unique and cute shops where fashionable women can agree.
Dong Khoi Street and Mac Thi Buoi Stree intersect and are often called Dong Khoi Area.
There are several Japanese shops, and there are many Ao Dai custom-made shops.

Dong Khoi area and paster street

Dong Khoi area and paster street

Tontattieep Street

Ton That Thiep Street

Dong Khoi Street

Dong Khoi Street

Knowledge 5 Electrical appliances are higher than Japan

Buy iPhone cheaply in Vietnam

If you want to buy an iPhone in Vietnam cheaply, that is a huge mistake! Basically, electrical appliances are cheaper in Japan.
Especially those made in Japan are quite expensive in Vietnam.
Although there is a merit of contract-free mobile phone, please note that there is no guarantee that it can be used in Japan.
PC related peripherals are the same as or slightly cheaper than Japan, and there is no merit to buy until you come to Vietnam.

Knowledge 6 Things you should not buy in the market

What should not be bought in the market

There are two things you should not buy in the market:
① Perfume and incense
② Traditional crafts

For ①, stored in a damp condition or worse, because it can deteriorate so it is put a long period of time.
The representative of ② is Bat Trang porcelain. This refers only to those made in Bat Trang Village, but many pottery products that resemble this are called Bat Trang porcelain and are on the market.
If you want to buy traditional crafts, please visit a specialty store or a reliable shop.

Knowledge 7 Buy food and daily necessities at the supermarket

supermarketTraditional crafts

Knowledge 8 Learn how to see the expiration date

expiration date

When shopping for food, you have to pay more attention to the expiration date than in Japan.
You may also find things that are nearing their expiration date or that they are just past.

Date of manufacture: NSX: DD.MM.YY
Expiration date: HSD: DD.MM.YY

In the case of this photo, you can see that the date of manufacture is “July 24, 2013” and the expiration date is “January 24, 2015”.
For daily commodities and products that do not have a special expiration date, only the date of manufacture is used.

Knowledge 9 Don't take your clothes off when shopping.


This is especially important in the market. When price negotiations become incandescent, attention will not be paid to others.
The snatcher will not miss it. A wallet in the back pocket of jeans, a pouch on the shoulder, a backpack with a half-open chuck, a tote bag that shows the contents, and everything.
Keep your valuables in touch and keep your money in the hotel safe so you don't have to worry about snatching.

Knowledge 10 Custom made on the first day


In Vietnam, custom-made clothing is popular with travelers.
In addition to the traditional costume Ao Dai, it is attractive to be able to make all kinds of fashion accessories such as suits, dresses, sandals and bags.
Most shops are “next day finished”, but in some cases it may take 2-3 days.
You can't help saying "You said you can do it tomorrow!" This is Vietnam. It's pretty rough about time. It may not be in time for the return date. If you want to make custom-made clothes, ask on the first day of your stay.


Ao Dai


Custom made suit

one piece

One piece is a trend in recent years

Ho Chi Minh Town

How was it? Here are 10 tips to make a meaningful purchase in Vietnam.
Make fun and smart shopping and have a satisfying trip to Vietnam.
In addition, negotiating prices in the market is a pleasure unique to traveling in Vietnam. Even if the price is a little high, that's fine if you enjoyed it! Please enjoy shopping like this.
That's all for Ho Chi Minh Town information.