Vietnam information

Vietnam travel belongings


passport ・Passport / Passport copy
・Air ticket (e-ticket customer copy)
・credit card
・Overseas travel insurance documents

You will never forget your passport or airline ticket, but you will tend to forget your travel credit card and overseas travel insurance documents. It ’s very important, so make sure you check before you travel.

Electronic equipment

mobile batterySIM-free smartphone (If you purchase and replace SIM, you can use local 4G)
Pocket Wi-Fi (required if using Wi-Fi outside)
Mobile battery (It's better to have a battery while sightseeing because it will run out of battery)
Camera (If you prefer a camera rather than a smartphone, you should have high quality)

For those who don't need much but are worried
Transformer (compatible with 220V)
Conversion plug (compatible with C type)
Power strip (where there are few outlets such as hotels)


hatOuterwear (Restaurants are often air-conditioned. Women are required.)
Hat (Because the sun is strong during the day, it is convenient to take measures against heat stroke and sunburn.)
Swimsuit (required if going to the pool)

Daily necessities and toiletries

SunscreenFacial wash (many hotel amenities are of low quality)
Shampoo and conditioner (because many of the hotel amenities are of low quality)
Sunscreen (Sunlight during the day is quite strong)
bug repellent spray
Pocket Tissue
Wet tissue (sanitized tissue)

HairdryerMen's belongings
Razor (because many hotel amenities are of low quality)
Shaving cream (because many of the hotel amenities are of low quality)

Women's belongings
Sanitary products (because many local products are of low quality)
One piece (for formal places)
Flat shoes or sandals (Easy to walk. Sandals that can get wet are recommended during the rainy season)
Skin care products
Curling iron (If not compatible with 220V, a transformer is required)
Dryer (If not compatible with 220V, a transformer is required)

Children's belongings

Baby shampoo and conditioner
Children's spoon and fork
Medicinal (Chinese medicine for children, intestinal preparation, antipyretic, sickness prevention, etc.)
Insect repellent spray for children
Spare shoes / beach sandals
Long sleeves (for cold)



Selfie stick
Regular medicine
Wallet (convenient if there is a small wallet for local use)
Folding umbrella (Let's wait at a cafe near squall.It will clear soon.)


It ’s a good idea to make a checklist to make sure you don’t forget things before you travel.
However, most things are also in Vietnam, so don't panic if you have something left behind.