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Let's enjoy the beauty of esthetics, Ao Dai, sweets, miscellaneous goods, Vietnamese and boost femininity♪

Hello, this is Ho Chi Minh town information. Vietnam is a country that is rapidly gaining popularity in Southeast Asia. Among them, Ho Chi Minh, which is called miscellaneous goods heaven, is popular as an overseas tourist spot that women long for. However, Vietnam is not only about miscellaneous goods.

There is no end to the appeal of beauty treatments, sweets and Ao Dai.

Boost femininity

Recent female powerIn recent years, the key word among young women is “femininity”. That is self-polishing with a theme of ""dignity, work, beauty"".

We polish the inside of the heart and improve dignity, become a person that is admired by the surroundings through work, and refine the appearance and pursue beauty.
These all lead to an increase in femininity.

Traveling alone freely

Traveling alone freely

Vietnam is a Southeast Asian country, but the security is very good, and a woman can walk at night.
Therefore, there are many women traveling alone in Vietnam, and many women participate in tours alone.

If you are traveling alone, it is attractive to go where you want and when you want.

On the other hand, if you are traveling with multiple girls, you should plan ahead.
Those who have decided to some extent at first what to do and what the purpose of the girls' trip will be able to spend a meaningful time after arriving at the site.

The stage is Ho Chi Minh

The stage is Ho Chi Minh

Ho Chi Minh is the economic center of Vietnam.
By the way, Ho Chi Minh has a dry summer and a rainy season, but it has a constant summer climate where the average temperature does not fall below 30 degrees throughout the year.

You will be able to enjoy sightseeing with a lot of exotic feelings.

Sightseeing guide for femininity : beauty treatment

Sightseeing guide-beauty treatment

The secret to improving femininity is “beauty”. Every woman wants to be beautiful forever.
Many people are trying to improve their beauty using various methods without knowing where their desire is.

If you can get the beauty you are satisfied with, you will be motivated to realize a better self-living.
Esthetics can be divided into two main types: spa and massage.

The former can be immersed in a princess feeling that you can enjoy the finest time. The latter can eliminate accumulated fatigue and waste products and aim to create a light body. Both are expensive and difficult to experience in Japan, but affordable in Vietnam. 



In addition to your own jacuzzi and sauna, the facial and body massage performed in the treatment room with the scent of a lotus is a luxurious moment.

There are many spas with yoga and swimming pools, so you can spend a day there.

Recently, there are many women who came to Ho Chi Minh to experience spa instead of shopping.

Sightseeing guide for femininity : Ao Dai

Sightseeing guide-Ao DaiNext, we will introduce Vietnamese traditional costume Ao Dai, like Kimono in Japan.
However, for Vietnamese, Ao Dai is a familiar outfit that is worn at ceremonies and school uniforms.

Some of you may want to wear Ao Dai once.
If you are pursuing beauty, let's start with shape. Wearing clothes that you don't usually wear and walking in Ho Chi Minh will help to motivate you.

What is Ao Dai?

Ao Dai

Ao Dai is said to be more brilliant and beautiful as it is more glossy.
There are as many as 100% silk at the highest grade, but generally cotton, hemp, chiffon etc.

Next is the purchase method, but all basic Ao Dai are made to order. You can decide everything from dimensional adjustment to color, design and finish.

If you have an image, let the staff repair the pictures and pictures. In the case of custom-made, there is a gap between the image and the finished product. Design carefully to fill that gap.
Recently, shops that can take photos and rent rentals for tourists are also popular.

Let's tailor Ao Dai!

Ao Dai

If you are a clothing store selling Ao Dai, you can make a bespoke order at most places.
However, fabrics, colors, samples, and finishing time will vary depending on the size of the store, so please have a custom-made shop order as much as possible.

However, if you are not fluent in Vietnamese or are not confident in English, it is difficult to convey your image.
There are several shops on Dong Khoi Street and Pasteur Street in the center of Ho Chi Minh City where Japanese staff live or Vietnamese staff who are fluent in Japanese.

Sightseeing guide for femininity : Sweets

Sightseeing guide-sweetsThere are two main sweets representing Vietnam. “Che” and “Shinh to”.
They are sweet sweets that can only be found in the country of everlasting summer.

There is one caveat. In Vietnam, it is common to use condensed milk instead of milk when sweetening. If you eat too much, you will end up with high calories.



It is a popular sweet that can be eaten mainly at the food stalls or at the dining hall.

Che has been introduced in Japan as a Vietnamese-style Zenzai, but the variety is really abundant and you can eat dozens of kinds at one shop. There are also shops where you can make your own original Che such as pomegranate, jellyfish, mung beans, white balls and fruits.



Shinh to

Shinh to is smoothie in English.
Vietnam is rich in fruits. There are many fruits that are hard to eat in Japan, so if you find them in markets, you should definitely eat them.

Shinh to is a cold drink shaken with fruit, condensed milk and sugar in a blender.
If you want to find Shinto, first go to the nearest cafe. Most cafes in Ho Chi Minh have Shinh to on their menu.

It may be a good idea to compare and drink mango, avocado, apples, strawberry and so on. By the way, because it is rich in water-soluble fiber, it is effective in improving constipation.

Vietnamese fruit marketCafe Smoothie

Shinh to is a classic item when relaxing in a cafe. It matches the atmosphere of everlasting summer!

Sightseeing guide for femininity : Knick-knack

Vietnam travel miscellaneous goods

Many people plan to travel to Vietnam for Knick-knack
Miscellaneous goods are the basics of Vietnamese souvenirs. For those who want to be enthusiastic about fishing for miscellaneous goods, I think that they will come to the “market” or “shop”.

Recently, there are many people who only visit the market because they can buy goods at shops cheaply. However, price negotiations in the market are the best part of Southeast Asia!

Negotiations of compromises are just business negotiations in order to find each other's compromise line. It's also fun to go into a work mode after a long time and try to hone your femininity.



When many people hear Ho Chi Minh in many think of the market. Southeast Asia has also developed significantly in recent years, and a rational wave has been rushing to the common people.
As a result, supermarkets are lined up and the market is abolished.

However, the market in Ho Chi Minh is still a common kitchen From the morning to the evening, you can hear the noise of local people and the exchange of price negotiations between tourists and sellers. Isn't it more like a spot to feel foreign air?

Souvenir Souvenir



If you are shoping for Knick-knack, go to the familiar Ben Thanh market. For apparel, we also recommend Cho Lon ’s An Dong Market and Ben Thanh Market.


SouvenirDong Khoi Street in the center of Ho Chi Minh City, Ton That Thiep Street, Mac Thi Buoi Street, Pasteur Street, which is a little northerly, this area is lined with general merchandise shops for foreign tourists.

There are many shops with Japanese staff and staff who can speak Japanese, so you can forget the hustle and bustle of the market and have a quiet and meaningful shopping.

Souvenir SouvenirSouvenir Souvenir

Souvenir Souvenir SouvenirSouvenir

Shopping centers

Puster StreetIn recent years, shopping centers have also appeared in Ho Chi Minh.

Although there are no cheap miscellaneous goods sold in the market or shops, there are plenty of items for boost femininity because there are tenant branded cosmetics and apparel, aroma shops and accessory shops.
There are many tourists who bother to buy a brand because they can buy a brand at a more reasonable price than Japan. I would like to visit once during my stay and shop slowly.

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