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Precautions such as trouble

To come much trouble to travel, that's the trouble lasts will be tired.
The most common problems can be prevented with care, so please try to prevent them.

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Trouble at the airport!

ベトナム情報 / 空港でのトラブル

The most common problem at airports is getting on a bad taxi.
There are so many touts who has no taxi license.
Some of the unscrupulous traders are cleverly camouflaged, such as imitating the logo of a famous taxi company.
When you leave the arrival lobby at the airport, there are people who speak in English or broken Japanese and want to take their taxi, but please do not follow such people.
Some drivers will tell you to go sightseeing in the city, but it is often expensive, so you should stop.
Most of the drivers are malicious drivers who demand expensive fees for tourists who do not know the market price.


Let's completely ignored. Japanese people tend to listen when they are spoken. However, someone will grab your hand and try to get on the taxi forcibly. You'd better not tell anything.
Many touts offer cheap prices, but often they are asked for a separate tip, or they may go around the sights and charge a fee without you asking.
Please use only reliable taxi companies (VINASUN, MAILINH). Recently, app dispatch arrangements in Grab, which are cheaper than taxis, are also common.

Vietnam Information / Airport Exchange

At the exchange office at the airport, be sure to check the money you received in front of the office! Don't panic if it takes time.

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In the city?

ベトナム情報 / 市街地では?

Beware of bag-snatchers in the city.
Avoid handbags, and take a backpack or lean over a shoulder bag.
Also, don't trust people who speak in Japanese easily.
There are people on motorcycles that solicit tourism, but they are generally expensive.
If you are taken to a souvenir shop, you might buy at a higher price.

If you get sick

ベトナム情報 / 病気になった場合

The food that can be eaten at Vietnamese restaurants and stalls is not necessarily hygienic. If you don't eat normally, you might end up eating too much.
That can break your stomach. Besides meals, dengue fever and other insects can cause sickness.

Be sure to drink mineral water and take adequate measures against insects.


If you get sick, there are some Japanese hospitals, so don't panic.
There are several international hospitals in the city. It is safe to have a cashless hospital with overseas travel insurance, so you should check in advance.
Because both international hospitals and Japanese hospitals are expensive, you will be charged more treatment costs than Japan.
You can call an ambulance in Vietnam, but in addition to being charged, ambulances can only speak Vietnamese and do not know where they will be transported.
If you are sick and going to the hospital, you may want a hotel or shop staff to call you a taxi.

Damages such as fraud and theft

ベトナム情報 / 詐欺や盗難などの被害

Unfortunately I haven't heard much about the victims of fraud or theft reporting to the police and getting the money back after catching the criminal.
Travelers should be very careful about their actions and try to prevent them.

If you've met the damage, let the contact, such as the insurance company that has subscribed to not panic.

[emergency contact]
Police: 113
Ho Chi Minh police: 08-39200882
Firefighting: 114
First Aid: 115

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Lost passport

There is nothing other than a passport to prove your identity overseas. It is common for a bag with a wallet and passport to be stolen, dropped, or forgotten somewhere.
You may leave it at your hotel, but you must be careful when you carry it with you.


You should avoid taking your passport outside as much as possible. You can leave it at the hotel or store it in the safe in your room. It ’s okay to carry a copy at least when you go out. Basically you don't need a passport.

If lost, you will need to contact the Japanese Consulate General for reissue.
Let's contact immediately. You should have a copy in case of emergency.

If you lose your credit card
First of all, contact your credit card company to let them know you are lost overseas and stop using it at the same time.
Everything is handled by phone. After that, the card can no longer be used.Even if it is illegally used, payment will be avoided.
It is a good idea to make a note of the card number and expiration date in advance.

ベトナム情報 / パスポートの紛失

If you are in trouble, the most important thing is not to panic.
If you run into trouble, calm down and contact a specialist institution.
Please do it carefully to enjoy your staytravel.

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