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Ho Chi Minh outlet (voltage)


The voltage in Vietnam is “220V”.

Japan's voltage is 100V, so you can't usually use Japanese appliances as they are, but if you have an adapter, you don't need a transformer.
Electronic devices such as PCs and iPhone chargers have adapters.
If "100-240V" is written on the notation of this adapter, it can be used in Vietnam without a transformer.
However, even if an adapter is attached, there are some appliances that are only 100V, so please check carefully. A transformer such as a dryer that does not have an adapter is required, so we recommend that you prepare a transformer in Japan beforehand.


In Vietnam, there are four types: “A”, “C”, “SE” and “BF”.

Of the four types, "A type" and "C type" are the most. (Japan is "A type") Japanese A type plug can be inserted into C type outlet, so it can be used without any problems.

If you are worried, you should purchase a conversion plug from Japan.

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